An ATM can bring lots of business while helping you generate extra revenue. However, with ATM crimes on the rise, businesses need to consider proper safety protocols to keep their ATMs and customers protected from any kind of theft. Below are a few tips to help you keep your ATMs protected from criminals:

Install a Camera

A great way to protect your ATM booths is to install a CCTV camera on the site. This camera must be operated and monitored by your security team 24/7. With a camera in place, you will be able to protect your booth from vandalism and other criminal activities. And in case criminals still choose to vandalize your machines, with the help of a camera, you will be able to capture their faces which will help the police catch them much easily.

Hire a Security Guard

Another great way of protecting your ATM from criminals is to hire a security guard. You must hire at least two cards so that they can work in shifts. This will help keep your ATM protected day and night, allowing customers to feel safe withdrawing cash from your machine.

Set-up a Monitoring Team

Today, most ATM frauds occur online when criminals get hold of customer data through hacking software. In such cases, neither does a camera work nor a security guard. Therefore, you must set-up a team of individuals who constantly monitor your online system. You must also invest in security software and antivirus software to protect your machines from any kind of fraud or criminal activity.