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What is our Free ATM Placement Program all about?

At ATM Machine California, we offer free ATM placement for businesses looking to increase their earnings without investing a huge sum of money. Since ATMs have taken the place of banks, most of the consumers make cash transactions through an ATM machine. Therefore, businesses looking to increase their foot traffic and enhance their revenue can make the most of an ATM machine. But if you are not ready to pay for a machine now, you can qualify for our free ATM placement program. According to this program, you can enjoy unparalleled ATM services without paying a single penny. And if at any point you feel that you want to buy your own machine, you can do so by only paying for the phone connection.

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  • Whether you run a small business or a big one, our program is for everyone. By sending us your detailed contact information and company information, you can get a free ATM machine placed at your business space.
  • Our free ATM placement program is totally stress-free as you don’t have to pay for anything. Once qualified, our team will deliver your machine to your provided address without any shipping fee or installation charges. You can immediately start using your machine and earn more money.

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● Enjoy Increased Foot Traffic at Your Store

Getting a free ATM placed at your store will entice more customers into visiting your business space, allowing you to increase overall foot traffic. Having more customers in your store will give you a chance to attract customers into buying from you and generate increased revenue as a result.

● Enhance Customer Satisfaction by Offering Easy ATM Access

When your customers will see an ATM machine in your store, they will feel quite relieved that they no longer have to head to a bank for cash. The ATM placed in your store increases your sales, making customers spend more cash on your business. The enhanced customer satisfaction will also result in increased brand loyalty.

● Well-Maintained ATM that Works without Giving Up

With the help of our free ATM placement program, you get an ATM placed at your store free of cost. We not only offer free installation, but we also offer free repairs so your ATM continues to work flawlessly. In case of any ATM emergency, you can give us a call on our 24/7 ATM helpline and get any problem fixed the same day. We keep your ATMs running so you don’t miss any chance of earning extra money.

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