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ATM Machine California is a one-stop solution for meeting all your ATM service needs. From ATM installation to ongoing maintenance, we have it all covered!


Increase Your Revenue Stream by Installing an ATM Machine


    Buy An ATM

    An ATM is your opportunity to generate money. Buy today!

    Free ATM Placement

    Want to get a free ATM placed at your business space? Call us!

    ATM Repairs in California

    ATM not working? Give us a call and we will fix it!

    Event ATM Rental

    Want your event to be super-hit? Rent an ATM!

    Lease An ATM

    No need to save money to buy an ATM. Lease one with us!

    Credit Card Processing

    Get improved credit card rates with us!

    California ATM Processing

    Safe, fast, and seamless ATM processing

    California ATM Service

    We offer several ATM services

    Leading ATM Service Providers in California!

    We want to become the go-to ATM service providers in California so that you are able to generate extra revenue without having to get into the hassle!

    Complete ATM Service in California

    At ATM Machine California, we offer an extensive range of ATM services so your business keeps running smoothly. From ATM placement to maintenance and repairs, we take care of everything do that you are left with no burden at all. We also offer free ATM placements for those on a budget! Get a quote

    360 Degree ATM Service Professionals

    If you are in search of an exceptional ATM service provider that meets all your needs, you have come to the right place. Our ATM services include everything from ATM installation to ATM repairs and maintenance. When you buy an ATM with us, you can rest assured that your machine will be taken care of without any trouble.

    24/7 ATM Service for Maximum Satisfaction

    When it comes to ATM service, we ensure that our professional technicians are available to offer help 24/7. That’s the reason we have set up our 24/7 helpline that you can utilize in case of emergencies. Our technicians actively answer queries so that your ATM is running perfectly. And when the problem can be fixed over the phone, we will get right to it without wasting any time. If need be, we will send over our team for onsite machine repairs.

    Buy an ATM Anywhere in California

    Looking for an ATM in your area? We deliver ATMs in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Oakland, and more.

    California has become one of the most popular states to establish a business and most of our clients hail from Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach, Oakland, Alameda, Bakersfield, and Anaheim. We have also installed ATMs in Santa Monica, the home to more than 22,000 businesses, and Irvine, the location of the Orange County Small Business Development Center.


    Earn Increased Revenue with ATMs from ATM Machine California

    Get in touch with us and learn about all the services that we have to offer!

    Free-of-Cost ATM Placement

    At ATM Machine California, we take care of every business’s needs. Therefore, we offer free ATM placements for businesses that cannot buy an ATM or afford the immediate cost of an ATM. our free placement program gets you a quality ATM machine that is delivered and installed at your location totally free of cost. We do not charge any fee for installation or shipment so you can sit back and relax. Check to see if you qualify

    Exceptionally Fast Service

    When it comes to ATM service in California, we never fail to impress. Our ATM service is fast and set-up to ensure that your business is making the most of the machine. From ATM installations to ATM repairs, we do it all in less time than any other ATM company in California does. We also have 24/7 ATM helpline available for our clients. Request Service

    Boost Revenue

    We provide ATMs so you can generate more money for your business. Our ATM service is exceptionally fast so that you are able to meet your growing business demands. Apart from increasing your earnings, our ATMs can help boost foot traffic at your business site. Furthermore, when you have our ATMs placed in your business space, you can rest assured that you will be able to attract more potential customers towards your business. Learn more

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